Shanti in Place is back…and in-person?

This week we resume our popular (at least among a handful of diehard meditators) weekly meditation series, Shanti in Place. Originally conceived of as a response to anxiety around the Covid pandemic and unexpected quarantine, Shanti has since grown into a precious opportunity each week to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the busy working day and cultivate some inner peace. It’s about relaxing, but it is also about replenishing and re-centering.

This year, Shanti is evolving yet again. First things first, we’re switching from Tuesdays to Thursdays. We’re also experimenting with the format; we’re presenting this program as a hybrid, so that folks can choose to either Zoom in as usual or join us in person.

If joining in person, please come to Murray Dodge Hall, rm. 104. Please make sure that you are following all the Covid protocol and keep everyone safe. (And if you are feeling under the weather, consider Zooming in instead.)

If joining on Zoom, please try to log in a few minutes early and make sure you stay muted.

We’re excited to meditate with you again, and hope to see you at Shanti in Place this week.

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