Divya Jyoti

Since the Hindu Life Program started in 2008, we have had the privilege and honor of hosting a grand Dipavali celebration on campus– our beloved Diwali at the Chapel event. This year, of course, because of the Covid pandemic and the necessary safety precautions that the university has taken, we were not able to meet in person.

Diwali at the Chapel is a special gathering. If you’ve had the chance to attend, you know… there is magic in gathering together in that massive chapel on a chilly November night each year. Recordings and photos don’t quite capture it; a Zoom webinar wouldn’t come close. So we decided not to attempt a virtual version of the event.

Still, we wanted to honor the spirit of Diwali… of offering our devotion through sacred song, divine dance, and heartfelt reflections. With this in mind, we put together a modest video offering. It is called Divya Jyoti (“divine light”) and is our way of sharing light and love at this blessed time of year. We hope you like it and will share it with your friends, family, and loved ones.

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